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/ 17 Jun 2011

A Safe Place for Your Will?

In the wills, probate and trusts department at Hanne & Co, we are enjoying the latest EastEnders story line as much as you. Janine’s granny dispatches Janine to granny’s chest of drawers for granny’s biscuit tin and treasured letters. Beneath them lies granny’s will. Janine glances at it long enough to see granny’s left everything to charity (don’t we wish we could read wills that fast?). Janine realises it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t get a bean and that she loves granny whom she’s been bad mouthing oh so recently.

By dawn granny has died. The body is scarcely cold before Pat Butcher weighs in with a charge of murder. It may be that Janine needs a criminal solicitor and as you know, having won the Legal Aid Lifetime Achievement award, our criminal team are experts in their field.

But will there be any consequences to granny’s keeping her will in her chest of drawers? Why did she keep it where anyone could read it and where they could easily have torn it up after her death if they didn’t like what it said? Is the charity going to get the million or so granny is said to be worth? We await the unfolding of the plot with baited breath. In the interim, if you are in need of advice on wills, probate or trusts, Hanne & Co’s private client department are currently offering some very competitive rates. Please speak to staff at our office opposite Clapham Junction station.

Don’t store your will at home, at least not in your chest of drawers. It may get mislaid, overlooked or deliberately destroyed. Hanne & Co offer free storage of wills. Come to us and we’ll happily look after your will for you. Our experienced probate solicitors understand the importance of your last wishes. As founder members of Certainty, the National Will Register and Will search service, we are able to register the fact we hold your will here, helping to make it all the less likely your wishes are ignored after your death.

If you need any advice on wills, probate and trusts, or you would like to contest a will or make a claim if you feel you have not been fairly provided for then please contact us (this is known as an Inheritance Act Claim). We have a number of experienced probate solicitors ready to advise you on matters of any complexity.

To make an appointment with our Wills department, please follow the directions to our office in Clapham Junction. Our office is very accessible via National Rail and bus routes running through Wandsworth, Battersea, Surbiton, Kingston and the surrounding boroughs of London.

Please contact us by email on info@hanne.co.uk or by calling 020 7228 0017.

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