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/ 25 Oct 2016

Business Lease Renewals

At Hanne & Co we have considerable experience in dealing with contentious commercial lease renewals, acting for both the tenant and the landlord.

Not all tenants under a commercial lease have the right to renew their lease when the old one expires. In such a situation it will be necessary for parties to commence negotiations before the lease expires and if the decision is made to vacate the property then it will be necessary to negotiate the terms of a lease on new premises as well as deal with any dilapidations on the old one.

When a tenant does have the automatic right to renew their lease under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, strict timetables need to be understood and followed. When a lease is protected under the 1954 Act, it can only be brought to an end if the tenant remains in the property and is intending on renewing the lease.
Knowing when to serve the Section 25 Notice or how to draft the Section 26 Notice to bring a lease to an end is vital in such matters. Whilst is often ideal to resolve any disputes involving lease renewals as amicably as possible, at Hanne & Co we have the experience of resolving such matters by negotiation as well as at Court.

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