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Private Client – Fee Structure

It can be a very stressful, upsetting and confusing time when someone close to you dies and dealing with the legal aspects of the administering their estate can be an additional worry.

Sometimes you can suddenly find yourself in a position of responsibility, whether as the executor of an estate with Will or as a surviving close relative of an estate without a Will. You might not fully understand what is expected from you, what responsibilities and duties you have, or what you have to do next.

That is understandable, but we are here to help.

At Hanne & Co, we have a team of specialised probate and estate administration solicitors with a wealth of experience in this area who can help guide you through the administration process, advise you on the relevant law, inform you about important deadlines, make you aware of any likely tax liabilities that may arise, and all other aspects, queries, questions and issues that can arise in a probate matter.

A Personal Representative will no doubt also want to know the likely costs that will be incurred in obtaining the quality legal support that they require. Of course, no-one’s life, life savings or family circumstances are the same. That’s why each probate matter is unique. However, below we give three separate examples of possible probate matters, all of which have different scopes and complexities, to give you an indication of whether your probate matter is likely to be Simple, Standard or Complex and the consequent costs estimate that is likely to apply. We also provide a separate list supplementary work that may arise in any of the Simple, Standard or Complex matters for which there may be additional work.

Please note that these options do not include Estates with international assets.


Our fees explained: