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LGBTQ+ Legal Services

At Hanne & Co, we are committed to promoting fair legal representation for everyone. Our expert lawyers are dedicated to providing comprehensive services to individuals and families within the LGBTQ+ community.

On this page:

    Dedicated to clients. Committed to excellence.

    We can provide guidance on a variety of matters including surrogacy and modern families, family disputes, divorce, ending civil partnerships, wills and estate planning, discrimination and employment law.

    We pride ourselves on being progressive, inclusive, and dedicated to achieving the best results for the clients we represent. Working with not-for-profit organisation LGBT Mummies, our colleagues underwent inclusivity training to ensure our staff are true LGBTQ+ allies. Our team of compassionate lawyers understand the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community and are committed to providing personalised legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    We are here to support and advocate for you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and experience the compassionate and professional legal representation that you deserve.


    Our LGBTQ+ Services

    The breakdown of any relationship can be a daunting and emotionally difficult experience for anyone. Our LGBTQ+ solicitors are experts in the field and here to guide and advise on divorce, financial settlements, and arrangements for children.

    If you require legal advice, whether it be in relation to a pre-nuptial/ pre-civil partnership agreement, cohabitation agreement, arrangements for children or help as a result of domestic abuse, our team are not only experts in UK law, but recognise and understand matters which concern the LGBTQ+ community and the specific challenges that these may present.

    Hanne & Co are recognised as having one of the top teams of family and divorce solicitors in London.  A team dedicated to the client’s best interests and one that encourages communication rather than confrontation considering the needs of the whole family, particularly the children. Our team are Resolution members with solicitors on key specialist panels, being highly experienced in resolving issues that arise at times of family breakdown or crisis.

    Examples of how we can help:

    • Child arrangements – assisting parents, including same-sex couples to reach agreements on arrangements for children following separation.
    • Divorce & Civil Partnership Dissolution & Annulment – providing tailored advice to help guide you through the process and in particular, advise on the financial consequences if you have finances to be shared.
    • Abuse in relationships– providing you with advice on the available options to protect yourself from emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse.
    • Pre-nuptial, post nuptials and cohabitation agreements– providing the necessary legal protection in terms of your assets and wealth including for partners who chose not to marry.
    • Domestic and international Surrogacy and Fertility issues– helping clients expand their families and navigate through the legal complexities.
    • Social services involvement- we have a large department who can assist you if social services become involved with your family.
    • Special Guardianship- providing parental responsibility and support to a non-parent to care for a child without severing legal ties with the birth family.

    We are experienced in dealing with very sensitive, personal and often challenging issues. We can help advise in relation to planning you and your family’s future with a Will, Inheritance Tax planning, Lasting Power of Attorney and proper estate planning for LGBTQ+ individuals. Although civil partners are entitled to the same property and pension rights as married couples, including certain inheritance and tax benefits, it is important to note that cohabiting couples do not automatically benefit under the rules of intestacy on the death of their partner and are often left with nothing.

    It is therefore vital to have a Will in place if you are not married or in a civil partnership to ensure your estate passes as you wish and that anyone you want to provide for is mentioned. We are aware that sadly within the LGBTQ+ community some families do not always accept their relative has left their estate to their partner. Issues can also become more complex when there are step- children, informally adopted children and surrogacy involved.

    We offer reliable and expert advice in order to protect and preserve your wealth, your inheritance and your family’s future.

    Examples of how we can help:

    • Advising on and making Wills to provide for loved ones.
    • Assisting on Lasting Powers of Attorney and Deputyship.
    • Advising on Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning and Trusts.
    • Successfully challenging disputes over wills and estates where the law lets cohabiting couples of many years down.

    We will ensure that you receive expert advice that is tailored to you and your needs, without breaking the bank. Our team of talented lawyers are always on hand to walk you through what can be an upsetting and stressful time.

    Our experienced team provide advice in all areas of employment law for both individuals and businesses.

    For Employees

    In recent years, significant progress has been made in recognising and supporting the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. However, despite these advancements, LGBTQ+ employees still face unique challenges in the workplace. The equality legislation places a number of obligations on the employer to ensure that its employees are not subjected to bullying or harassment or any other detrimental treatment as a result of their sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and further complications may arise with issues such as adoption leave, shared parental leave, leave to undergo IVF treatment, menopause in gender reassigned individuals and other issues that you may need support with. Our employment team, can assist you with these matters professionally and sensitively.

    For Employers

    At Hanne & Co we are passionate about good working practices and will support any employer that wishes to do the same. Creating a workplace that is inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ employees requires proactive measures from employers. By addressing discrimination, implementing policies, promoting education, and fostering a sense of community, organisations can cultivate an environment where LGBTQ+ employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to thrive professionally. Embracing diversity in all its forms is not just morally right; it also enhances productivity, creativity, and the overall success of a company.

    If you are looking on ways to support your LGBTQ colleagues or encounter organisational issues that are making it difficult for you to do so, please feel free to reach out and speak to our employment team who will guide you and help you build workplaces where everyone feels safe, accepted, and celebrated for who they are.

    How we can help

    • Advise you on your rights, duties and obligations;
    • Support you with drafting policies and procedures that aim to support LGBTQ+ staff;
    • Provide training to your colleagues;
    • Where relationship has broken down, assist you in resolving disputes by mutually agreeing exit terms;
    • Finally, where matters have progressed to litigation, assist you with employment tribunal process and pursue or defend your case

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    Associate Family & Divorce


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    Consultant Employment


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    Partner  Head of Private Client


    What our clients say about us
    Legal 500
    Child Care

    Despite your busy work schedule, you always made our case at the top of your priority list, you kept us calm and soothed our fears. Without your wonderful advice and your firm’s legal experience, we would not have the outcome we had. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who needs a brilliant solicitor.

    Legal 500
    Child Care

    I will never forget the feeling when I heard the outcome of the court ordering my children to be returned home. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your legal expertise, professionalism and attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

    Legal 500
    Family & Divorce

    Over the period I found you to be professional, assured, confident and well-prepared dealing with the technical and complex. Sometimes issues were almost forensic. This was complimented by your ability to understand the personal anxiety that a client experiences as the process takes different directions and help with an empathetic approach which was much valued.

    Legal 500
    Family & Divorce

    A MASSIVE THANK YOU for your support, you were an angel. I really appreciate that and owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Legal 500
    Family & Divorce

    Your great patience was much appreciated, your lovely approach to people made me feel like a friend rather than a client- that makes the trauma of divorce easier to get through. Thank you again for everything.

    Legal 500
    Child Abduction

    I just wanted to thank you for all the time, effort and meticulous attention to detail regarding my case over the past year or so.  You are always prepared to go the extra mile, working long hours and your ability to recall the smallest and often most significant details amongst a wealth of facts in my highly complex case never ceases to amaze me.  I appreciate all you have done and the manner in which you conducted my case and liaised with me throughout. It was very reassuring to have you on my side.  I do not know what I would have done without you.

    Employment for businesses

    We are a multinational company and we have a subsidiary in the UK. The legal matters entrusted to Hanne&Co have always been resolved quickly, and explained very clearly.

    Employment for businesses

    An efficient customer concentric business who are very halepful if you need legal advice or employment law training for your teams.

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