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/ 27 Sep 2011


It is both hard to believe that it is five years since civil partnerships became legal and conversely that there was a time, not so long ago, when same-sex marriages were not allowed at all. Five years on, the Office for National Statistics has published a review looking in detail at the characteristics of those entering into civil partnerships.

It is no surprise that there was a deluge of Civil Partnerships after the introduction of The Civil Partnership Act in December 2005. Most of the first Civil Partnerships were between men but this has now evened out and there are just as many women “tying the knot”.

Interestingly, civil partners are less likely to “divorce” than their heterosexual counterparts. It may well be because statistically civil partners tend to wait until they are a bit older and wiser, though according the statistics the average age is now decreasing.

Of course, the analysis over the last five years does not perhaps paint a true picture of the position. For example, those who married shortly after the Act was introduced may have been in long and strong relationships for a significant period before. They will continue to gather statistics.

It is encouraging that most British people now accept same-sex marriage but very sad indeed that fewer people approve of same-sex couples adopting children.

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