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/ 04 Feb 2014

Hanne & Co Inspiring Young People

As part of its corporate responsibility to the local community, Hanne & Co was delighted to take part in the careers fair at the local Platanos College in nearby Stockwell on 29 January 2014. The event was held for year 9 students who were about to choose their subjects for their GCSEs.

Three of Hanne & Co’s trainees, Alice Mathams, Sehaj Lamba and Amaya Huntly attended the well turned-out fair, which gave the young and enthusiastic students a real opportunity to ask employees and employers, working in a selection of different fields, what their careers were like, what they had to do to get there, and any guidance they could offer. The key guidance offered to the students by Hanne & Co’s trainees was to work to your highest ability in all subject areas at GCSE level and to consider any extra-curricular activities that could help boost their CVs, all of which could help open doors to a variety of future careers. The trainees also explained the different areas of law that are practised at Hanne & Co, what a day in the life of a lawyer can be like, and the different routes you can take in order to become a lawyer.

The organisations in attendance included other law firms, engineering companies and the NHS. The aspirations of the students covered a spectrum of potential careers, with keen future actors, doctors and engineers at the fore, amongst many other professions.

The event was organised by Community Regeneration Officer, Robert Carroll, who described it as a “catalyst for some of these young students to have aspirations to elevate their lives.” Hanne & Co is delighted to have played a part in inspiring young students who are the generation of the future.

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