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/ 01 Jun 2011

Hanne & Co support Sound Off For Justice campaign

Hanne & Co, established in 1898, is one of the oldest legal aid firms in London today.

Although Hanne & Co also offer a wide range of services for privately funded individuals, we recognise that the Government cuts will have a dramatic impact on the provision of legal aid and access to justice for many vulnerable people. It will even mean that many individuals have no legal redress for their dispute given their lack of financial resources.

‘Sound Off For Justice’ is a campaign aimed at putting pressure on the Government to reconsider the proposed cuts to legal aid. Areas such as medical malpractice, employment law, education law, housing law and family law are just some of the areas to be taken out of the scope of cases which can be funded by legal aid should the current Government proposals be taken forward.

The Sound Off For Justice campaign recognises that in today’s economic climate tough decisions need to be made. But they must be the right decisions that don’t do lasting harm to our proud tradition of justice for all.

Hanne & Co solicitors offer our full support to the campaign and we hope that you will too. Please visit Sound Off For Justice to read more about the campaign as well as a host of events and activities across the UK. You will also see Hanne & Co’s logo featured on the Sound Off For Justice website, recognising the efforts and hard work of the Sound Off For Justice team.

You can also visit Sound Off For Justice on Facebook and Twitter.

At present, the campaign is hoping to secure the backing of 38 degrees, an umbrella campaign to tackle important issues. Please visit the 38 degrees website by clicking here as well as leaving a message of support for Sound Off For Justice with 38 degrees by clicking here.

Here’s a message from the Sound Off For Justice team about what you can do to help;

Hanne & Co support Sound Off For Justice

38 Degrees – the campaigning community that forced the government to reconsider the forests sell-off and proposed reforms to the NHS – is reviewing the Sound Off For Justice campaign with a view to officially endorsing it. This could be the key to massively increasing the awareness and support for our campaign at a critical point in the process.

We need to bring the Sound Off For Justice campaign to the attention of the 38 Degrees community. Please help us by:

– Signing up to 38 Degrees and using all of your votes for the Legal Aid campaign – 38 Degrees Voting Forum

– Visiting and posting on the 38 Degrees Facebook page – 38 Degree Facebook Page

– Visiting and posting on the 38 Degrees Twitter page – 38 Degrees

Hanne & Co support Sound Off For Justice

Since January 2011, Hanne & Co have raised over £2500 towards the London Legal Support Trust and you can read all about our work with local charities by viewing the charitable involvement section of our website.

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