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/ 30 Apr 2014

Hanne & Co supports Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs

We are pleased to announce that over the course of the next financial year, Hanne & Co have voted to support Ace of Clubs, a fantastic and extremely deserving local charity that provides support for those who are homeless, vulnerable and otherwise marginalised in our local community. The charity is based near Clapham Common and aims to help those in the nearby area. The centre serves approximately 500 hot lunches per week, and provides showering and laundry facilities, an onsite medical facility, educational and life skills courses, and overnight accommodation during the winter for those who are most in need. For some users, the centre simply provides warmth, safety, and a source of friendship.

Over the course of the year, we hope to assist Ace of Clubs not only by raising money from our ever-popular events, but also through donating clothing and goods that are desperately in need at the centre. In May, we will be holding a “pants and socks dress down day”, and we will also be supporting the charity through monthly food bank and clothing collections.

Please click here to read more about the service.

Jane Hammond, Charity Committee, Hanne & Co

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