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/ 05 Jun 2014

Hanne & Co take part in the national campaign Run2Work

Staff at Hanne & Co. today took part in a national campaign, supported by London’s The Evening Standard called Run2Work. The campaign aims to encourage people to ditch public transport and get to work using just their legs.

6 people took part in the run with some running from Victoria station and others running from their front door straight to the office. For some this meant runs of up to 8km, distances that they had never run before.

Speaking after the run and once he had caught his breath Michael Brierley a solicitor in the Child Care department said, ‘this is a great way of showing people that there are other ways to get to work rather than simply grabbing your Oyster card and jumping on a bus or tube. I am exhausted but feel really good for having taken part. It also means that I now know that if public transport did come to a standstill – I could still get to work – which I’m not sure is a good thing!’.

Hanne & Co. have a charity partnership with Ace of Clubs, who work with homeless people within the Clapham community. Today’s runners have all donated the money they would have spent on public transport to Ace. The money will be used to buy food vouchers that Ace then use in their kitchen for their daily lunches.

Hanne & Co. are especially grateful to Fitness First Clapham Junction who very kindly allowed the runners to use their showers.

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