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/ 28 Oct 2016

Hanne & Co’s Battersea (Liti)Gators Score Big for Age UK Wandsworth

7:30am alarms rang out across London as the Hanne & Co netball team rose early, sacrificing those previous Sunday lie-ins, for the big day: Age UK Wandsworth’s Netball Tournament. Players pulled on Hanne & Co-emblazoned t-shirts and headed for the courts.

The teams gathered, clutching coffee cups close, at Fulham’s South Park netball pitches and began warming up. The Gators soon realised that the other teams seemed somewhat more experienced, and somewhat taller. Undeterred, and limbered-up, the team took to the asphalt with gusto.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that while we perform exceptionally IN court, we could not match the regular players ON court. Two hours, five hard losses and one close draw later, with aching limbs but steadfast smiles, the team lifted the coveted Wooden Spoon.

While we may not have won the tournament, the Hanne team did win the more important title of Best Fundraisers! Together we raised an amazing £1,300, doubling the amount raised for the tournament. Thank you so much to everyone who donated & supported the team, and to Age UK Wandsworth for a brilliant day!


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