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/ 10 Dec 2021

How do I choose a litigation solicitor?

There are many litigation solicitors out there, but besides the obvious criteria (locality etc…) how do you decide who to instruct for this very important issue?

Abeer Sharma


Property Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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A litigious dispute has arisen which involves you. The joy…

You have either elected to proactively enlist the services of a litigation solicitor or unwillingly been dragged into circumstances that require you to find one.

There are many litigation solicitors out there, but besides the obvious criteria (locality etc…) how do you decide who to instruct for this very important issue?

Solicitor Abeer Sharma highlights the 5 factors to consider when choosing your litigation solicitor below.


Litigation is a scary prospect for most people, and as litigation solicitors we need to appreciate this. Instructing a litigation solicitor who is approachable, can put you at ease and has the capability to understand your emotions whilst being dispassionate in judgment is a crucial factor. It is what enables us to do the best job we can for you.


Lawyers are…believe or not… human beings! We have the same moods and thoughts as the next person.  It follows that whilst some litigation solicitors will be fully engaged with your matter from the first phone call/meeting, others, for whatever reason may be less tuned in and treat your matter as “just another file”. You will be able to tell if your prospective litigation solicitor is enthused at the prospect of assisting you in solving your problem. If the sense of engagement is present, it is another reason to instruct that solicitor.


Beware the solicitor that appraises your case without full knowledge of the facts and law. Beware the solicitor that tells you at the outset you will absolutely win the case and that adopting a scorched earth approach to litigation will result in you grinding the opposition into dust. It is never pleasant telling clients what they do not want to hear, especially if the advice is negative and thousands of pounds have been spent. However, it takes courage and integrity, which is a key attribute of any lawyer. Choose the litigation solicitor who is careful and considered in their assessment of your case, they will most likely have the competence to advise you best. Avoid those who promise the sweet glow of victory when it cannot be delivered.


As the cliché goes, no two cases are ever the same. Litigation often has its twists and turns; one cannot predict with precision what will happen at the outset of a matter. However, a good litigation solicitor knows the process and will form a vision from a relatively early stage. They will identify what options are on the table and how to ideally find a way to settle a matter to your benefit without the litigation going unnecessarily far. Instruct a litigation solicitor that, from your interaction, can answer your questions with a degree of fluency and provide vision so that you feel reassured and have an idea of what is involved at each stage of the process. This will help you to form your decision making and give appropriate instructions to your litigation solicitor.

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