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/ 18 Jan 2013

New Year, New Changes in Employment Law

January sees the Government continuing it’s ongoing reform of Employment Law in an effort to reduce the volume of disputes at Employment Tribunals.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills today announced it is creating a new limit on unfair dismissal awards of twelve months’ pay. (The current cap will remain if an award of twelve months’ pay would be greater). Click here for the full governement press release.

A number of consultations have also been announced including:

1. Amending TUPE (Click here for full details of the consultation), and

2. Creating a new Health & Work Advisory and Assessment Service in 2014, which would provide occupational health testing for employees off sick for more than four weeks. Click here for further information.

More details to follow on our Blog shortly.

If you are an Employer or Employee, who is affected by these changes and proposals, please do not hesitate to contact our Employment Law Department by calling us on: 020 7228 0017 or by emailing us at info@hanne.co.uk.

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