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/ 06 Oct 2022

Partner Steven Bannell completes The London Marathon for Charity

On Sunday 3rd October 2023, Hanne & Co Partner Steven Bannell joined the crowds of more than 40,000 as they ran through the streets of the capital for their 26.2 mile journey to the finish line.

Steven Bannell



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Not only did Steven complete the Marathon in a very impressive 4 hours and 12 minutes, he also raised over £1,225 for The Brain Tumour Charity – well done Steve!

Steve dedicated an incredible amount of time and effort into training for the marathon, when asked how he felt on completion Steve had the following to say:


How do you feel now that you have completed the marathon?

“I feel really proud actually. I have wanted to run the London Marathon from the age of about 16, and whilst I have completed two other marathons (Brighton and Edinburgh) neither were on the scale of London. It is such an iconic and fantastic event full of positive energy that I do feel really proud to be able to say I’ve run it – and with a pb!”


What was the best part about it and what was the worst?

“Best part has to be the crowds. The sheer number of people who line the streets the whole way is mind blowing. Hearing your name called out by complete strangers is really uplifting, especially when you’ve hit the wall. Worst part was probably the finish, I felt pretty rough for 45 minutes afterwards as my body reacted very angrily for punishing it!”


Any funny anecdotes?

“At one point I had to have a little walk to compose myself and a stranger with a microphone shouted out that I would get a massive cheer if I started running, which I did and surer enough the crowd erupted. I felt  a combination of emotions, from inspiration to embarrassment!”


Would you do it again?

“NEVER! I am happy to say I have ticked it off the bucket list, but never again”

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The Brain Tumour Charity, is the world’s leading brain tumour charity, moving further and faster to help everyone affected by a brain tumour or brain cancer.

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