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/ 07 Jan 2022

Red2Green: Reducing Environmental Damage

We pledge to reduce environmental damage.

We are delighted to announce that we have joined an exciting environmental initiative to kick start 2022. Working with our office supplies group RedBox, we are thrilled to have joined their Red2Green community operated by Sustainably Run. This fantastic initiative allows us to counterbalance the environmental impact of our office supply procurement through tree planting in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Everything we do in business comes at a cost to the environment. Red2Green works to counterbalance this, and we pledge to plant a tree for every order we place with RedBox to help change the lives of communities across the globe. This will support:

  • Offsetting the Carbon Footprint – Each tree planted in the developing world effectively counterbalances up to 1 tonne of CO2 during its 40 year lifetime.
  • Reversing Deforestation and create biodversity– Through planting a tree on deforested land, the root systems draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil.
  • Providing food for communities – By planting fruit trees in Africa, Asia and South America, it provides sustainable sources of food for the communities who plant them.
  • Providing resources and education – Red2Green comes with tools, infrastructure and education to provide a sustainable way of life for communities that have suffered deforestation

Keep an eye out for our tree tracker coming soon and visit our dedicated Red2Green webpage.

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