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/ 23 Dec 2010

Wife WINS Legal Battle For Gold Bullions In Divorce Settlement

Following the recent payout by EuroMillions lottery winner, Nigel Page, which saw ex-wife Wendy Page walk away with £2 million of her ex-husbands winnings, multi-millionaire and entrepreneur Peter Brandon has lost a similar suit after ex-wife Christina Brandon received £2.4 million.

Mr Justice Ryder, sitting in the High Court, heard how several gold bullion bars valued at £62, 000 had been smuggled out of Austria by Mr Brandon’s Grandfather during the 1930s and brought into the United Kingdom.

In response to his ex-wife’s claim for ancillary relief, Mr Brandon stated that the gold bars had gone missing following his departure from the matrimonial home. In failing to entertain Mrs Brandon’s claim for ancillary relief, it was Mr Brandon’s case that the gold bars had simply disappeared and could have been taken by anybody.

Mr Brandon, who has since re-married and emigrated to Florida, went so far as to say that he was in fact surviving on £2,000 each month and could not possibly afford a large settlement to his ex-wife, who continues to live in the former matrimonial home, worth an estimated £2 million.

During the proceedings which had followed the breakdown of the couple’s marriage, the gold bars had been ‘lying around’ the couple’s 11 bedroom mansion in Buckinghamshire.

In July 2010, Mr Justice Ryder, sitting in the High Court, commented on Mr Brandon’s dishonesty and failure to disclose significant assets throughout the course of the proceedings. The Court found that Mr Brandon had attempted to conceal significant wealth such as secret Swiss bank accounts, before ordering a settlement of £2.4 million in favour of Mrs Brandon.

Lord Justice Thorpe, dismissing Mr Brandon’s appeal, ruled that whilst there was a possibility the ruling was unfair, the decision was acceptable given Mr Brandon’s dishonest conduct throughout the proceedings.

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